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45 Minute Luxury Massage with Herbal Foot Bath & Organic Herbal Infused Oils.

$70.00 $35.00

Foot Baths are for proper pampering of the hardest working-and least cared for parts of us-our feet. Feet contain many ligaments and tendons, bones, nerve endings and lymph glands. They house pathways to organs through meridians and reflex points.

The Treat Your Feet Herbal Foot Bath is designed to heal you through the synergy of herbs, massage and water. Water and herbs do the cleansing and massage provides the pressure. Together, they promote natural healing of the muscles, joints and skin.

Feel amazing with this signature 2-in-1 service.  Enjoy an upper body massage while your feet soak in the pedicure tub with jets and detoxifying bath soak. Your softened feet will be treated to a thorough foot and calf massage to relieve any lingering tension. A perfect combination for those with tired, achy feet.