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Wilderness Survivor 8 hour course

$150.00 $125.00

Training will cover:

  • Safety: First aid training for emergencies

  • Shelter: Construct a shelter within 2 hours to protect form the environment

  • Fire making: gather materials and train to build a fire with flint and knapping, birch bark and steel striker

  • Water filtering and disinfection

  • Trapping wild animals

  • Dressing and cooking wild animals

  • Wild edibles: an introduction to identification, habitat, seasons, preparation, edibility, and medicinal or other uses

  • Perimeter set up to defend against night stalkers

  • Survival kits, clothing, and equipment for multiple environments

  • Tools Construction: Spears, bow and arrows, fishing gear

8 Hour course $150 per person. This course can be taken as part of the 3 day weekend or as a stand alone on Saturday( minimum 10 participants schedule online for your particular course date)